Events in the year 1926 A.D relating to The Mummy.

After sustaining several fatalities (warden Hassan and several diggers) as well as injuries, the expeditions leave Hamunaptra to return to Cairo, but the mummy finds them there as well, killing off the Americans and Egyptologist one by one. Evelyn's employer, Dr. Terence Bey, is in league with the Medjai leader Ardeth Bay with the common goal to end Imhotep before he can return to power. After regenerating, Imhotep enslaves the Cairo townspeople, ordering them to kill Dr. Bey, but O'Connell, Jonathan and Ardeth Bay escape alive while Imhotep leaves with Evelyn, who he intends to use as his human sacrifice to bring back his lover, Anck-Su-Namun.

O'Connell enlists the help of pilot Winston Havelock to find Imhotep, but Imhotep fights back with a sandstorm, leading to a plane crash and Havelock's death. O'Connell finds Imhotep and kills him with Evelyn and Jonathan's help, bringing him back to being mortal before ending his life. During the fight, Beni Gabor mistakenly brings down Hamunaptra, unintentionally trapping himself inside the ruins to die. O'Connell, Evelyn and Jonathan escape with their lives and are thanked by Ardeth Bay for their help in bringing down the mummy. Ardeth Bay, however, will continue to patrol Hamunaptra to ensure that Imhotep stays defeated while O'Connell, Evelyn and Jonathan return to civil isation

body count 175 and 156 bugs

2 deaths in year 40000000 anak parahaton 87 in desert attack in hamunatra 1923 3 turks 2 warrior 65 more turks

kill 3 legions 3 turks 2 turks 2 more turks rick kill 2 more tuks 56 more turks 6 more turks 64 french soldiers french soldiers kills with rifles 65 turks 6 legiones c6 death bodies 7 cadabers 9 more cadabers 3 cadabers of frenchs 6 turks soldiers 6 death budies

boat attack 7

2 mejans 3 more mejans 1 mejan warrior 1 warrior in flames and shot by rick mejans was killed by daniels and burns and american soldiers

in tomb 5

4 arabs diggers hassan killed by scarabs 1 arab diguer killed by scarabs .

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