A Fair to Remember is the eighteenth episode of Season Two of The Mummy: The Animated Series.

Plot summary

The O’Connells wants to get the eye of Shiva. They’re too late. The eye is gone and they find some hair belonging to a predator. Imhotep was ahead of them there. They hear of a fairground, on which a strange animal is to be presented. It was found in the temple where the eye of Shiva was kept. Perhaps Imhotep has not yet the eye? Charlie Royce demonstrates the Tiger Man, Charlie has also caught him. Jonathan knows Charlie. He wants to talk to him and try to get the eye. Jonathan frees Charlie out of the cage of the tiger. It was a mistake, because the tiger man can change his appearance and now he’s looking for the eye. Charlie meets Evy. Evy has even arranged to meet Charlie and no longer remembered. Imhotep is now also at the fairground. The battle for the eye of Shiva starts.








Notes and references

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