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Akkad, also known as Agade, it was located along the western bank of the Euphrates River possibly between the cities of Sippar and Kish (or, perhaps, between Mari and Babylon or, even, elsewhere along the Euphrates). The Akkadian empire, featured in the Scorpion King, is geographically the same as the ancient Akkadian kingdom. However, the film series does not follow the actual history, as it depicts Nippur as being its only (known) city.


The ancient history of the Akkadian empire, isn't known. The Akkadian kingdom is renown for it's fierce combat training, elite forces and sacred armies. Apparently, Scorpion is considered sacred in Akkadian culture. The Akkadian empire possess a seasoned and skillful class of mercenaries and soldiers, named as Black Scorpions. Akkadian culture permits only men, to serve combat forces of the nation.

Different reigns have been featured in the Scorpion King movies, in an indefinite order. King Hammurabi ruled the Akkadian kingdom, at the time Mathayus was 13. His reign was put an end to by Sargon's evil conspiracies, six years later. Sargon conspired on to become the king of Akkad, after devising Hammurabi's death. Sargon's empire was culminated by Mathayus, shortly after Sargon became the king. The throne was then, passed down to the rightful heir, King Shalmanesar, son of Hammurabi.