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Not only are weapons welcomed... they're allowed.

–Argomael, The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption

Argomael is a warrior summoned by the Book of the Dead to kill Mathayus and destroy the resistance. He is extremely powerful, skilled, and almost unkillable.

When summoned by Talus, he killed the guards nearby as Talus commanded him to. He then stood guard over Talus as his comrades Tsukai and Zulu Kono went after Cobra and The Scorpion King. He tried warning Talus that a victory party was premature and even became offended when called a slave. His final battle was with Olaf where was almost victorious before striking the would be finishing blow, he said it was an honor to have battled him. However, Olaf was saved by The Scorpion King before he could be killed.