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Ashur was a noble Black Scorpion and a prestigious mercenary. He was the father of the illustrious Scorpion King, Mathayus. Ashur was a faithful man, and considered to guide his sons on the righteous path and forbid them from the guidance of evil and the unholy. Not much is known about his adventures and mercenaries, but some of these are mentioned in the movie.

Known Mercenaries

War against Hittities

During Mathayus's journey to acclaim the Sword Of Damocles, he met a former Illyrian warrior named Pollux, who later accompanied him to the Underworld. Pollux proclaimed that Ashur saved his life in their battle against the Hittities and that together they sacked, burned the cities and let the streets running red. Furthermore praising Ashur's skill as a warrior.

Egyptian Pharaoh

On Mathayus's voyage to Knossos, he proclaimed to Layla that his father once saved the life of the Egyptian Pharaoh's private guard and that he might lend him the Spear of Osiris for his father's act.


He cautioned Mathayus to never serve the Black Scorpions, Mathayus ignoring his father's warning went to the Arena, later to enter into a confrontation with Sargon, the commander of Akkad. Ashur came to the aid of his son. Sargon charged them for mocking the commander and the Ancient Games. However, King Hammurabi interfered and shortened their charges, proclaiming that Mathayus will serve the Black Scorpions. Sargon sworn to Ashur that he'll avenge this mockery. Later that night, Sargon using his dark powers, sent some scorpions to Ashur's House, in order to eliminate Ashur, leading to Ashur's death. However, Mathayus avenged his father during his early days as a warrior.


Ashur always revealed that he had done hideous deeds in his life and during services for the Black Scorpions. Mathayus portrayed his father as a noble and pious hero and was horrified to perceive him in the Underworld.