Ashur's House is the ancestral residence of a renown, mercenary and Black Scorpion, Ashur. The known inhabitants of the house, are his wife and his sons, namely Mathayus, Enki and Noah. It's a two storey consisting of three rooms; Ashur's room on the first floor and Mathayus's, Enki's and Noah's room on the ground floor, another undisclosed room is located on the ground floor.

Known Incidents

Ashur is seen forbidding Mathayus to take part in the Ancient Games, in Mathayus's room. One of the most tragic incidents that took place in the house, was Ashur's death. Sargon bewitched a mist (spell) consisting of hexed scorpions, that traveled through the city to Ashur's house, and latched itself onto Ashur, killing him.

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