Baldo was an Illyrian warrior, who followed the company led by a renown Illyrian, Pollux.


Baldo knew French, and was held captive in Minotaur's Labyrinth in Knossos, Greece. Apparently he followed the instructions of Pollux. On his orders, he assisted Mathayus to defeat the Minotaur. Later, he accompanied him to the Underworld, On Ari's proclamation that the Underworld does possess tons of gold, silver and rubies. At times he did express his disposition towards the guidance of Greek fellows.


During their journey to the Underworld, Baldo had become impatient to capture the gold or anything worth his interest. In the Swamp of the Dead, he was lured by dark powers to some deceptive gold and silver and walked into the trap of Astarte's Demons, only to be killed. Pollux toiled to find him in the remaining span of time but Baldo was never seen again. It is plausible, that due to his gluttonous nature, his soul got trapped in the Underworld, for eternity.

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