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...the warrior of warriors, in this or any other group, a Nubian mountain of a man whose leathers barely concealed a seven-foot frame thick with muscle.

–description given of Balthazar, The Scorpion King (novelization)

Balthazar was the king of the Nubian people around 3077 B.C.


The warlord Memnon had sent vast armies into the known world, crushing resistance as they did, but for a group of rebels that were headed by the king of Ur, Pheron, who had called for a meeting with the last remaining tribes that opposed Memnon's advances. Among the leaders of the tribes was Balthazar, the king of the Nubian people, who derided Pheron's notions of Memnon's sorcerer dying, which would leave Memnon vulnerable.

Balthazar learned, along with the other tribal leaders, that three Akkadian mercenaries would be given the task of murdering Memnon's sorcerer, an idea which Balthazar was displeased with. Despite his displeasure, Balthazar accepted the mercenaries as the means of Memnon's fall.

Years later, Balthazar's daughter seeks out Mathayas for help in saving Nubia. She reveals that Balthazar had told her stories of the legendary Scorpion King who would ride out to help Nubia with armies if they were ever invaded. His daughter sadly reveals that Balthazar is now dead and only that he didn't live long enough. Mathayas is saddened to hear of his old friend's death.


Behind the Scenes

Balthazar was played by the late Michael Clarke Duncan.

Balthazar's namesake is derived of a character from William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet.