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Mercy is weakness - Motto of the Black Scorpions.

Black Scorpions are an elite combat force that are bound to serve the Akkadian Kingdom. Seasoned Scorpions are summoned to guard the court of the Nippur. Whereas, exceptional swordsman and warriors are sent to voyages and mercenaries to honor to Akkadian pride and bring wealth to their nation's coffers. Black Scorpions undergo a certain training for a period of six years to master the ways of a skilled warrior. Candidates are selected from the Ancient Games hosted in the Arena, at the age of thirteen. According to Ashur, Black Scorpions are bound to practice unholy deeds by burning and sacking cities in the name of honor, which will lead them to dwell in the Underworld for eternity to pay for their sins.


Graduated Black Scorpions are warmly welcomed and Addressed in Nippur by the Commander of Akkadian armies, upon their return from training and are honored with a sermon from the Commander of Akkad:

For these six years passed, you have seen neither kinsman nor any friend, but blade, shield and shaft. You have trained hard. Some have fallen by the wayside. Those who yet stand before me represent the pinnacle of generations of Akkadian fighting prowess, the order of the Black Scorpions. Go forth proudly to wherever your king may send you. Fight nobly! Bring gold to our nation's coffers and and honor to your family names!

- General Abalgamash to young Scorpions.