Bristol fighter 1

Bristol in Polish service

Bristol F.2 Fighter - British two-seat biplane fighter and reconnaissance aircraft produced a Bristol Aeroplane Company during Great War (WW1) since 1916 and ending in 1926 in the same year when the action of the first mummy happens (1999). After the end of war F-2s exported at 18 a world countries. 107 planes sold to Poland ,and used fights in Polish-Soviet War. In 1932 RAF and Polish Air Force retired last Bristols and replaced new fighter planes.

Mummy (1999)

In 1926 Rick O'Connel please Winston Havelock to helped stopping Imhotep to Hamunaptra and rescue Evelyn Carnahan. However Imhotep shot down plane at desert storm. In crash Havelock is dead. Additionally Bristol is fell body Winston at quicksand. The rest of the crew survived. Ardeth Bay takes Lewis gun mk 2.

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