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Come, come! Step over the threshold...welcome to Cairo prison, my humble home.

Gad Hassan welcoming visitors into the prison., The Mummy

The Cairo prison was a correctional facility located in Cairo where criminals were sent.


Around 1926 A.D, Gad Hassan had been warden of the prison, having had a reciprocal arrangement with the French Foreign Legion: in exchange for fifty British pounds, the prison would incarcerate and/or execute any deserters of the Legion, one such deserter was Rick O'Connell, who had been arrested and taken into the prison, though his crime was not known.

The prison itself was dirty; plagued by foul smells caused by rotting food, unwashed cells and poor hygiene in both the staff and inmates, the inmates of which were kept in cage-like cells. Executions were carried out with the warden present, and prisoners were permitted to watch through cell bars, but women were not permitted, as was the custom in Egypt, to witness executions; Evelyn Carnahan had asserted herself to being able to witness a hanging on the grounds that she was not a veiled Egyptian woman, but an unveiled Englishwoman. Prisoners sentenced to death awaited no trial and were allotted one last request by the Hangman before they were hung.

After the death of warden Gad Hassan, the prison likely appointed a new warden.

Behind the Scenes

The shots of the Cairo prison were filmed in a Marrakesh apartment complex that had been dressed to look like a prison, and the shots were filmed on the first days of production.