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Never did like camels: filthy buggers, they smell, they bite, they spit. Disgusting.

Jonathan Carnahan about camels, The Mummy

Camels were large four-footed mammals that were used in expeditions and caravans in the Sahara to carry goods and travellers.

Quadrupeds, camels often congregated in herds and grazed on what plant life they found. Camels could go for long periods without water and could withstand desert heat well. With long necks and limbs, camels were slow-moving on stable terrain but could move quickly enough on sandy grounds with their large flat feet. Camels, when agitated by their handlers, would spit and bite if annoyed enough.

Camels were used by expeditions seeking ruins in Egypt and merchants in Cairo. As camels could endure sun, deserts, heavy loads and heat, they were often utilised by the French Foreign Legion, as one particular garrison made its way to the lost City of the Dead, Hamunaptra, but as the men in the garrison were almost completely wiped out, their camels stood waiting for their masters to return. Camels could be purchased from vendors in outposts for a nominal price.

The Akkadian warrior Mathayus was known to ride an albino camel.

Alex O'Connell had a pet camel named Stinkwad during his training as a Medjai.