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Will you just pay the man?...Probably could have got 'em for free, all you had to do was give him your sister.

Rick O'Connell and Jonathan Carnahan about purchasing camels. , The Mummy

This Camel trader was a trader that sold off camels to travellers in a Bedouin encampment.


One morning in 1926 A.D, the camel trader argued with a visiting Jonathan Carnahan over the price of four camels, and was upset with him over the payment, hopping up in anger, as Jonathan tried to haggle for four camels with British pounds. The trader was soon after paid what he requested and gave the four camels over to Jonathan with a smile and kind words. Later, Rick O'Connell remarked that Jonathan could have gotten them for free in exchange of his sister.


An older Bedouin man, the trader wore multicoloured robes with sandals and a grey turban, and kept his greying beard long. The trader was set on selling his camels at one fixed price, and would not easily haggle.


Behind the Scenes

The Camel trader was portrayed by Abderrahim El Aadili.

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