5000 years ago , there was a fierce warrior named Scorpion King , who led an army to dominate the known world.

–Ardeth Bay, in reference to the campaigns of King Scorpion.

Campañas de El Rey Escorpión ERAN Una serie de conquistas Militares i conduje Mathayus , Más Conocido Como Escorpión King. These Tuvo Lugar Durante la 3067 aC. With his army of over 5000 soldiers, Mathayus conquered much of Egypt, until I began to besiege Thebes and was defeated. After being banished to Ahm Shere, where the rest of his army perished in the heat of the desert, Mathayus made ​​a deal with the god Anubis: if God saved her life and allowed him to conquer Thebes, the would give his soul and accept Anubis. Army commanded by Anubis, Mathayus Attacked and razed Thebes. With its mission accomplished , Anubis took the soul of Mathayus and sent his army back to the Underworld.


*The Mummy Returns (First appearance)

*The Mummy Returns (novelization)

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