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Canopic Jars also known as the Five Canopic Jars, were used by the Ancient Egyptians during the mummification process and each jar (filigreed with gold) contained a specific organ which were placed inside a chest. The jar with the jackal-headed god 'Duamatef' was meant for the stomach. The baboon-headed jar of the god 'Hapi' held the lungs. The canopic jars contained the organs of Anck Su Namun which were needed as part of the ritual to raise her back from the dead. 


Sometime in the ancient times, these jars were enclosed in a chest with the Book of the Dead in the ruins of Hamunaptra. However, in the year, 1926, a group of explorers, namely; Allen Chamberlain, David Daniels, Bernard Burns and Isaac Henderson, discover this box, ignoring the eternal curse, preserved and distributed the five jars among themselves. To their doomed fate, Imhotep was raised from the dead, draining the four of them of life and reclaiming the jars. Once inside the ruins, Imhotep tying up Evelyn while placing Anck-Su-Namun's mummified body next to her's with the five canopic jars, however, this ritual was then made futile by Rick. Years later, these jars were brought to Meela Nais by three local thieves, Spivey, Red, and Jacques, who later end up being corpses by the reincarnated Imhotep.



  • It is undisclosed, as to why the fifth is broken into two. This jar was also brandished by Imhotep, who demanded to know where the other canopic jars had gone.