Chu Wah was a Chinese digger that accompanied Alex O'Connell and Roger Wilson in finding the remains of the Dragon Emperor, and died in the tomb of the traps.



Alex O'Connell and Roger Wilson had been searching for the tomb of the ancient Dragon Emperor Han; having found it, the two men went on to search inside the tombs, along with three diggers, one of them Chu Wah. The tomb entrance alone was rigged with a booby trap and had almost killed Wilson; in the tomb entrance were the remains of one man that had never left due to the traps: Colin Bembridge, who set out to find the tomb in 1870 A.D. The group continued to move on, but one other mechanism was set off, sending copious amounts of sand from the ceiling, and with it, sunlight, illuminating a chamber in the tomb that revealed the entire terra-cotta army of the Emperor Han.

As the men walked through the rows of terra-cotta statues, Chu Wah unknowingly walked over a trigger mechanism that sent out a torrent of salt acid from the floor, burning him until he died.

Appearance and Traits

Chu Wah was a Chinese digger that dressed in the same manner as other diggers: boots, hard-wearing trousers, shirt, and jacket, topped with a fedora.


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