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Rick O'Connell threatening Imhotep with Cleo., The Mummy

Cleo was Evelyn Carnahan's pet cat around 1926 A.D.


Cleo was brought over from Evelyn Carnahan's residence in Cairo when Evelyn began packing her clothes and books so as to return to Hamunaptra a second time. Cleo ambled about the room as Evelyn was packing her things and once or twice sat in her trunk as O'Connell took things out of the trunk. As Evelyn was likely in the same residence as Burns, O'Connell, and all the others, Cleo wandered into a room that Imhotep, the resurrected mummy, had been in when he killed Burns and took his organs. Cleo was atop a piano inside the room and stepped on a few notes, frightening Imhotep as he took the form of a great cloud of sand and blasted himself out the window.

Later, when Evelyn was in her sleeping quarters at the residence, Cleo was still in that building as Imhotep, now somewhat more regenerated than before, attempted to kiss a sleeping Evelyn by magically transporting himself in the form of sand to Evelyn's quarters. O'Connell, Jonathan Carnahan and Daniels stepped onto the scene, O'Connell furious at the mummy's action. As Imhotep uttered something menacing in ancient Egyptian, O'Connell pulled Cleo out tauntingly to Imhotep. As Imhotep gasped in fear, so did Cleo hiss, and Imhotep blasted his way out the window again.


Cleo was a house-cat that had white fur and blue eyes, and often wandered around Evelyn's living space.


Behind the Scenes

The white cat that apparently belongs to Evelyn Carnahan and is seen in The Mummy is given no name in the film; her name is revealed to be Cleo in the novelisation.