It's Sir Colin Bembridge: he went searching for this tomb seventy years ago, they left him like this as a warning.

Alex O'Connell to Roger Wilson upon finding Bembridge's remains, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Sir Colin Bembridge was a former archaeologist that had searched for the tomb of the Chinese Emperor Han and died in the pursuit.


Colin Bembridge had gone searching for the tomb of the Dragon Emperor Han around 1876 A.D and had been killed by the booby traps within the tomb, his remains left up as a warning. In 1946, Alex O'Connell, Roger Wilson, and a pair of diggers uncovered the tomb and went on to explore it, finding Bembridge's desiccated remains inside, impaled against iron spikes on the wall. As Alex examined Bembridge's corpse to see who he was in life, the initials "C.B" appeared on the corpse's tattered shirt and Alex tried to remove the corpse's hat, but as he did, the skull broke off, Alex catching it before dropping it on the ground and moving on with the others.


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