This man was one of two enforcers of the Cult of Imhotep.


This thug was present during the dig for Imhotep at Hamunaptra in 1933, where he helped oversee the Fellahin workers. There was an unexplained rumbling and a horde of scarabs poured out of a excavation pit and devoured many of the diggers, as the man watched in horror.

During the cult's visit to London to retrieve the Bracelet of Anubis, the enforcer waited outside the O'Connell Manor while Baltus Hafez, Meela Nais, Lock-Nah and a few cultists entered the mansion to get it. However upon seeing that Evelyn O'Connell and Ardeth Bay were spoiling things inside, he rushed in, knocked Evelyn out and participated in her capture as well as the ritual that brought Imhotep back to life. He also assisted Lock-Nah in Alex O'Connell's capture.

The thug also served as Alex's supervisor whenever Lock-Nah was unable to. He eventually met his end during the journey to Ahm Shere. During a pygmy attack, when Alex spotted Lock-Nah coming after him, he broke free from the thug who decided to let him go so he could concentrate on shooting the pygmys. The attack killed most of the cult and following Lock-Nah's death at the hands of Ardeth Bay, the enforcer approached the Medjai from behind with the intent of shooting him but at the last second, Jonathan Carnahan shot the cultist dead.

Personality and Traits

A large, burly, dark-skinned man with facial hair, this enforcer was a friend of Lock-Nah. Like the other cultists, the man wore a red turban-like headdress, but wore a dark-red sleeveless tunic with bright red trims. The thug was obedient when it came to orders and capable of being rather violent if the cult came under attack. The enforcer used a pistol as his favourite weapon, although he was also seen carrying a machine gun while overseeing the diggers at Hamanaptra.


  • The Mummy Returns (First appearance)
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