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The Curator was an individual in charge of the British Museum of Antiquities.


Impressed with Evelyn O'Connell's finding of various artifacts, including an ancient Moorish bowl and the Book of the Dead, the Curator had declared that Evelyn was to be the Chief Archaeologist, a job position which Colin Weasler, another museum employee, was after. Weasler angrily protested this, leaving the Curator to offer Evelyn and her family the chance to leave for Egypt to oversee an excavation at the temple of Hamunaptra; the Curator instructed them to be at an airfield at seven the next morning to await their transport, an airship called the Zephyr.

After hearing from the O'Connells that the Zephyr had been destroyed due to the mummy Imhotep, the Curator believed the couple and explained that, in his past, he had had some run-ins with the undead himself. The O'Connells expressed their desire to retire from seeking mummies, to which the Curator acquiesced; right after, he said, they investigated some occurrences in the Egyptian Valley of the Kings, for they were the only ones that he could trust. After reluctantly accepting the job, the Curator instructed them to return to the airfield for their new transportation.


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