Egypt is a desert nation of Africa, situated closely to the Mediterranean Sea. It contains the city of Cairo.

Millennia before, Egypt was controlled by the pharaohs, rulers who were said to have descended from the gods themselves, and who claimed much of the lands around their own territory as part of the Egyptian empire. In the year 343 B.C, the last pharaoh fell out of power and Egypt's empires were reduced greatly.

Egypt was first controlled and occupied by French rule under Napoleon's orders, but the British, Ottoman and Mamluk forces managed to expel the French in 1801. In 1922, Egypt was released from the British Empire and granted its independence. Egypt, over the years, had tourists from European countries such as England and France, and the city of Cairo was among the more popular of tourist locales.

Cairo was also well known for being visited by archaeologists and scholars in the hopes of seeking treasures left behind by the Pharaohs and ruins such as those of Thebes, Karnak, Luxor and Hamunaptra.

Behind the Scenes

Around 1999 A.D, Egypt was undergoing sociopolitical strife and was therefore unavailable to be used for filming The Mummy; faced with this, the directors shot the scenes of Cairo in Marrakesh, the scenes of Giza in England and the deserts in Erfoud.


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