Egyptian asps are quite poisonous.

–Meela Nais describing the asp to Jonathan Carnahan, The Mummy Returns

Egyptian Asps are small, black venomous snakes.

Limbless like all snakes, asps carry a venom in them that is among one of the more deadly on Earth, causing excruciating pain to those bitten four minutes before the victim dies.

One Egyptian asp was used by Meela Nais in order to obtain information from Jonathan Carnahan when Meela and her cultist accomplices mistook Jonathan for Rick O'Connell. In anger, Meela flung the snake at the real Rick O'Connell when he burst in the room; O'Connell caught the snake and threw it back at one cultist, who was bitten in an instant and killed.

When Alex was kidnapped, Meela threatened to put poisonous snakes in his bed while he slept if he did not cooperate with Imhotep.

Behind the Scenes

The snake used to portray the Egyptian asp is actually a Mexican Black Kingsnake, a nonvenomous species of black snake.


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