Fort Brydon was a fort set by the British Embassy in Cairo.


Upon returning from a fruitless desert expedition to the fabled City of the Dead, Hamunaptra, that had left several men dead and one severely wounded, a group of treasure-seekers led by Rick O'Connell had reached Fort Brydon in the hopes of resting for a while before eventually moving on. Offered quarters to rest in by the fort's personnel, the expeditionaries returning from their treasure hunt rested for two days, sleeping, taking meals from the mess hall in the fort, and associating with none but each other.

The expeditionaries were all shaken after they had encountered an ancient evil mummy known as Imhotep in the desert. The mummy was said to bring the Ten Plagues of Egypt with him wherever he went, and so brought the plagues of water turning to blood, hail and fire falling from the skies, flies, darkness, boils and sores. The plagues struck everywhere in Cairo, save for Fort Brydon. Imhotep had entered Fort Brydon when he had swooped in through the window and killed off Henderson, one of the expeditonaries.

After the mummy had regenerated himself into an immortal being, he enslaved the people of Cairo to capture the expeditionaries from the desert journey that had not been turned into slaves. After Imhotep had taken that which he needed, the Book of the Dead, several canopic jars and Evelyn Carnahan, one of the other expeditionaries, he left Cairo and Fort Brydon, never to return.


The fort was located in the middle of Cairo and had several guest quarters available to those who needed them most.

Behind the Scenes

Fort Brydon was named after Colonel Brydon, a character in The Jungle Book, another film that Stephen Sommers had worked on. In the novel, Fort Brydon was known as "Fort Stack", after the assassinated Lee Stack.


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