Fung was a Chinese acrobat, he accompained Mathayus to end Sargon's unruly reign.

Quest with Mathayus

Fung was a captive in Minotaur's Labyrinth, to be fed to the Minotaur. He was later rescued by Mathayus, Fung was a prominent part of Mathayus's companions, and accompained him to the Underworld. Ari falsely assured him that the Underworld is a shortcut to China. Fung knew Cantonese, only spoken by Ari in the entire group, Ari helped him as his interpreter. Fung later assisted Ari, and procured the Sword of Damocles. On their return to Nippur, Ari further lied to him, proclaiming that he would receive a hero's welcome in Nippur, gold and the woman of his desire. Later that night, Fung alongside Layla, helped set off the fire in the Arena, ablazed by Sargon to practise the Ultimate Sacrifice.


Later, in the restored Kingdom of Akkad, Fung decieded to start a shop in Nippur. Further whereabouts of Fung are unknown and it is plausible that he returned to his homeland, China.

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