General Abalgamash was the commander of Akkad succeeded by Sargon, who took over the throne of Akkad. When Sargon's reign was culminated, Abalgamash continued on to perform his duties for King Shalmanesar.


It is likely that was born in the Kingdom of Akkad and served the Black Scorpions and advanced on to the ranks of the commander. He supposedly performed his duties for Sargon, the then King of Akkad. General Abalgamash is also seen receiving graduated Black Scorpions. He also introduced Mathayus to Sargon, on his arrival to Nippur. Sargon forbid Abalgamash to sent men after Mathayus, during his escape from the Kingdom of Akkad. It is seen during the sermon of King Shalmanesar, that Abalgamash isn't succeeded and remained as the commander of Akkad.

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