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Giza is a city in Egypt located alongside the riverbanks of the Nile. Giza is south of Cairo and is the location for much trade and commerce as well as the third largest city in Egypt.


Giza is famed for being the site of the Pyramids and Sphinx and is well-visited by tourists and travellers alike. A section of Cairo, Giza is notably the location for riverboats touring the Nile. One individual that claimed to have seen the Pyramids at Giza was Alexander O'Connell, who saw them appear in a vision caused by him donning the Bracelet of Anubis.


The capital of ancient Egypt since the time of the Pharaoh Narmer, Giza was initially named Mn Nefer, meaning "the beautiful wall" in ancient Egyptian.

Giza is a major source of commerce in Egypt, containing a port that saw off many riverboats on their journeys through the Nile. These ports were frequented by a variety of individuals; tourists, peddlers, hawkers, beggars and the occasional pickpocket roved through the streets, going about their lives. It was common of native people such as beggars and peddlers to call out the word "Baksheesh!", which translated as "Gimme something!", to tourists and natives alike. Giving money to anyone, beggar or seller, was considered unwise, as giving money to one individual would prompt many others to come in droves, expecting to be given money as well.

During the year 1926 A.D, Giza, along with Cairo, was subjected to a number of plagues as a result of the resurrected mummy Imhotep, who as a result of his resurrection, brought forth plagues, the first being hail and fire raining down upon the cities, destroying buildings and causing harm to bystanders.

Behind the Scenes

The shots of Giza were filmed in England at an actual harbor digitally edited to include the pyramids.


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