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This Greek fisherman was a fisherman that encountered the cursed mummy Imhotep.


During one sunny day out at sea on his trawler, the fisherman reeled in his nets, which carried a heavy load, and expected to catch a large school of fish, instead finding the ancient cursed mummy Imhotep, who cut his way out of the nets with rotted hands and roared, the skin and flesh around his face rotting further as he did. In fear at this, the fisherman screamed in terror and leapt out of his trawler from the sides.

The fisherman’s further fate is unknown.


The Greek fisherman was a middle-aged man with a moustache and tanned skin, who, when he encountered Imhotep, wore a wide-brimmed dark green hat, brown gloves, plus fours, tan shoes, light blue shirt and a cream-coloured floatation vest.


Behind the Scenes

The Greek fisherman has no credited voice, as his only line was a shout of terror.

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