Colonel Guizot was a colonel in the French Foreign Legion that was sent along with a garrison of men to Hamunaptra.


Guizot, along with his men, believed so much in the lost City of the Dead, Hamunaptra, that he marched with them through Libya and into Egypt to find the City. Once they had arrived, however, they were outnumbered by a great army of Tuaregs. Guizot, under false pretenses of returning with reinforcements, rode his horse away from the City of the Dead. His fate after remains unknown, but he was likely killed either by the Tuaregs themselves or by the desert heat.

Years later, Rick O'Connell would be publicly hailed as a hero, though unbeknownst to the public, as a result of Guizot's desertion.


A stern-looking white man, Guizot wore the garb typical to a man of his rank, though sported less bravery than his post might entail, having deserted his men in battle.


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