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"He That Shall Not Be Named..."

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Any last requests, pig?
Yeah, loosen the knot and let me go.

Richard O'Connell and the Hangman., The Mummy

The Hangman was an executioner in Cairo prison.


The Hangman was ordered to hang Richard O'Connell at Warden Gad Hassan's command, and as he tightened the noose around O'Connell's neck, he demanded to know if O'Connell had any last requests. O'Connell's last request was a sarcastic request that the Hangman loosen the knot and let him go. Perplexed at this request, the Hangman repeated the request to the Warden, who had been attending the execution, in Arabic. The Warden angrily called out that O'Connell could not postpone it, and that the Hangman proceed. At the last minute, the noose was cut on Warden Hassan's orders and O'Connell was set free.


Behind the Scenes

The Hangman was portrayed by Mohammed Afifi.

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