Hook (?-killed in 1926) was a Medjai warrior that boarded the ship Sudan with several other warriors.


Hook, along with other Medjai, boarded the riverboat Sudan in search of a woman that had acquired a puzzle-box that was purported to be the key to Hamunaptra, the fabled lost City of the Dead. The men had made their way up the river Nile by canoes, as Hook had brandished his right hand, which held a sharp hook-shaped blade. Boarding the vessel in secret, Hook had made his way up to the quarters of the woman who had the puzzle-box, a young archaeologist named Evelyn Carnahan. Appearing right behind her, catching her by surprise, Hook pointed his blade at her throat, demanding to know where the map that was enclosed in the puzzle box was. Evelyn fearfully pointed to a table nearby, where the map rested by a candle.

Demanding to know where the "key" was, Hook was interrupted by Rick O'Connell, who came bursting in through the door, and shot at two other Medjai, who had pointed guns through the windows of Evelyn's quarters. As Hook was distracted by the fight that O'Connell was putting up, Evelyn seized the candle on the table with the map and jammed it into the Medjai's eye. Screaming in pain as he rubbed at his eye, Hook stumbled about blindly until he regained composure and spotted the key on the floor. Hook stepped forward to reach for it, but was knocked away by Jonathan Carnahan, who had unknowingly knocked the man into a burning sofa set ablaze by a lantern spilling onto it. Hook scrambled to reach the key while he was on fire and pinned it down before Jonathan could take it, then grabbed it with his good hand. Chasing Jonathan down the halls of the riverboat while he was on fire, Hook finally made it to the main deck, where he was about to kill Jonathan when Henderson shot Hook dead witn a tirade of bullets, sending him falling into the river. Before Hook went down, Jonathan managed to take back the key from him.


Hook was a gruff man with few words other than demands. Wearing black robes as other Medjai did, Hook's face was also aligned with many Arabic tattoos. The reason for his namesake was that his right hand was marked by a metal hook-shaped blade that he used to attack victims with.


Behind the Scenes

Hook was portrayed by Carl Chase.

In the novel, Hook's entire hand was made of the hook-shaped blade similar to Peter Pan’s Captain Hook, which was interpreted as a simple hook, while in the film, Hook's hand appears to be coated in a wrapping which binds the blade to it.

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