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This article is about the falcon. You may be looking for the ancient Egyptian god of the same name.

A humanizing touch, that—you have a pet bird.
Horus is no pet. He is my best friend, my most clever friend.

Jonathan Carnahan seeing Ardeth Bay's falcon., The Mummy Returns (novelization)

Horus was Ardeth Bay's falcon.


Horus was the pet of Ardeth Bay that the Medjai warrior himself considered to be a dear friend, and was given the honour and duty of acting as messenger to other Medjai warriors.

When the Army of Anubis was certain to return to Earth by means of a nefarious cult restoring the Army and wreak unspeakable havoc on its people, the twelve chieftains of the Medjai knew that they must fight against it, but to know where and when to meet, they would need a way of communicating amongst themselves: Horus was brought forward as the means of communicating between the tribes. By having a small piece of parchment tied to his leg with every update on the direction that the Medjai chieftains and their warriors were meant to follow, Horus flew to Ardeth, who tied a parchment, and to the chieftains, who received said parchment.

Horus made so many trips from Ardeth Bay to the Medjai tribes that eventually one member of the cultist group, Lock-Nah, began to notice that the bird was always flying back and forth. With this, Horus made his final flight when Ardeth, along with Rick O'Connell, Evelyn O'Connell, Jonathan Carnahan and Izzy Buttons reached the Oasis of Ahm Shere. Ardeth entrusted Horus with another parchment to deliver to the chieftains, but Lock-Nah, who spied Horus flying off, took a rifle and shot the falcon out of the sky. At the loss of his friend, Ardeth Bay was not only devastated but also compelled to find some means of informing the chieftains of where the Army would arise.

After his duel with Lock-Nah, Ardeth had the chance to avenge Horus' demise, ending Lock-Nah with a few blows of his sabre.


Horus was a Saker Falcon that acted as messenger for the Medjai chieftains, and was entrusted with a small band tied on his leg which Ardeth Bay would use to tie notes onto. Horus had grey feathers and a white, speckled underbelly, the typical plumage of Saker falcons.