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Howard Carnahan was a famous adventurer and explorer that had successfully located many ancient ruins and temples that had been lost in the Egyptian deserts.


The son of a famous watercolour painter of birds, Howard Carnahan was an explorer that had found many ancient Egyptian relics, and loved the land of Egypt so much that he fell in love with and married an Egyptian woman, with whom he sired two children: Evelyn Carnahan (whose looks were akin to those of her mother) and Jonathan Carnahan.

In 1922, Howard Carnahan, along with an archaeologist named Sir Gaston Maspero, had found the burial chamber of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh named Tutankhamen, and had made out well with many of the artifacts from the pharaoh's tomb, the artifacts having been said by many to carry a curse. After some time, Howard Carnahan and his wife were subsequently killed in an aeroplane crash, their demise pinned, by some, on the opening of the Egyptian tomb.

Some time later, the Cairo Museum of Antiquities had held Howard Carnahan, along with his wife, in high regard as the museum's finest patrons. While Carnahan himself was dead, his memory, as well as his wife's, lived on through Evelyn, who dedicated her life to finding ancient Egyptian artifacts, and carried on finding them throughout her life, placing some of them on display in her home in England, along with several of those that her father had found.


Behind the Scenes

Howard Carnahan's name, as well as his fate, is a reference to the real-world archaeologist Howard Carter, as well as Carter's employer Lord Carnarvon, both of whom were actually involved in the opening of Tutankhamun's tomb, and the latter died due to a curse purported to the tomb itself, while Carter lived for another sixteen years[1].