This article is about the song title. You may be looking for the High Priest of Osiris.

Imhotep is a musical theme credited to Jerry Goldsmith for The Mummy. It appears as track one on the film's soundtrack, at 4:18 in length.

Beginning with Arab-sounding strings and a single flute, choirs sound out in ominous tones with strings, leading up to a grand orchestral Egyptian-sounding refrain that transitions onto a set of cues, the first being the cue of Seti I, a sweeping almost epic motif, moving onto a calmer, more subtle cue for Imhotep and Anck-Su-Namun. The track then transitions into a dramatic, romantic cue that leads into a dramatic sting and moves onto suspicion and sharp, loud stings, leading to ominous tones that shift to a sharp and severe tone that changes to a dark and ominous motif with low echoing xylophone notes.

The track first appears in the opening scene of The Mummy in which the city of Thebes is shown, spanning onto the scene in which Seti I rides his horse-drawn chariot to see Anck-Su-Namun, who is kissing Imhotep and progresses with the Pharaoh being assassinated and depicting the actions taken by Imhotep to revive his lover Anck-Su-Namun in Hamunaptra. The track ends with the music that plays as Imhotep's priests chant around Anck-su-Namun's remains.

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