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Isabella Leong is a former singer and actress born in Macau, China. She portrayed Lin in The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.


She is Zi Yuan's daughter and protector of The Dragon Emperor's Tomb. She is born after the death of her father 2,000 years ago. Her father was called Ming Guo. Lin was raised in Shangri-La and kept young and immortal with the water there. She tried to stop Alex O'Connel from The Emperor's body, but she was stopped by Alex's partner Professor Roger Wilson, who was working to resurrect him.

Lin and Alex met in Shanghai where The Emperor is put on display, and she revealed Wilson's treachery and tried to stab The Emperor to heart with the only dagger that can kill him before he is resurrected. But Lin failed to kill him and The Emperor was revived. She guided the O'Connels to Shangri-La in the Himalayas so they can get aid of the yeti living there. She also developed feelings for Alex. But claimed, if she is together with him her immortality would be revealed to him.

Soon The Emperor breaks into Shangri-La and becomes an immortal shapeshifter, he kidnaps Lin and takes her to the site where he was unearthed. Recognizing her as the daughter of General Ming, he intends to have revenge on her mother by taking Lin as his own. He raises his army and battles Zi Yuan, who had sacrificed both Lin's and her own immortality to raise an undead army to fight off The Emperor. Meanwhile, Alex rescues Lin. The Emperor mortally wounds Zi Yuan, who tells Lin to kill her. Lin, however, is despondent, making the O'Connells fulfill this wish. After The Emperor is defeated, the now-mortal Lin settles with Alex.

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