King Hammurabi was the ruler of the Kingdom of Akkad. Not much is known about his span as a king or his origin, but it's certain that he belongs to the king dynasty of Akkad. His reign was followed by Sargon, who conspired against him.


King Hammurabi was supposedly a just ruler who valued nation's prosperity above personal interests. King Hammurabi honored Ashur and esteemed his noble services to Akkad. During the confrontation between Ashur and Sargon in the Arena, he intervened and turned down the charges against Ashur, Mathayus and Layla on a sole stipulation that Mathayus will grow up to be a Black Scorpion. King Hammurabi was killed by Sargon (possibly using the same M.O. he (Sargon) did to Ashur), 6 years later, ending his just reign. However, when Mathayus slayed Sargon, Akkadian throne was handed over to Hammurabi's heir, Shalmanesar.

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