King Shalmanesar was the king of Akkad, he was the heir of the king dynasty of Akkad. King Shalmanersar was the son of King Hammurabi, whose reign was brought to an end by the evils of Sargon, who went on to become the king after Hammurabi's conspired death.


Sargon put an end to King Haummurabi's just reign with the assistance from his dark powers and evil potency. After Haummurabi's death, the throne wasn't passed to the heir, namely Shalmanesar, instead Sargon snatched the throne into his hands. However, when Mathayus ended the reign of Sargon, the throne was given to the heir of Hammurabi, Shalmanesar. During his sermon, he said to the people of Akkad that:

People of Akkad, we have passed through a very hard time. But the Sun is rising again.

Our land, the people's land, will prosper again! People of Akkad..............

That everyman know right from wrong.


Not much is known about his later history, but it's plausible that his reign came to an unjust end, as Akkad is destined to fall down, with King Urmhet being the last.

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