Layla, was an Akkadian warrior, sworn by her inner soul to fight none less than a man. She was supposedly the love interest of Mathayus in his teenage days and accompanied him during his early voyages and adventures.

Early Life

Layla was probably born in Nippur, Akkad. She was longing to take part in the Ancient Games to train for a Black Scorpion, despite the fact that women were forbidden from serving any combat force. She was later caught by Sargon, commander of Akkad, Mathayus resisted which led to a confrontation with Sargon. After Mathayus's departure from Nippur, she probably self-trained to master the techniques of a fierce warrior.

Sargon's Era

Mathayus had returned home as an elite Black Scorpion and fled from the Sargon's Kingdom, even though Mathayus cautioned Layla accompanied him to the Knossos to obtain the Sword of Damocles from the Underworld, Layla lend Mathayus her pieces to pay Ari for his share of guidance to the Underworld. She was injured by the Minotaur in this quest, later wounded by Mathayus. During their confrontation with Lady Astarte, Layla was agitated by Astarte's seduction towards Mathayus, later to be assaulted by her, irked Astarte also unleashed the Gates of Hell. However, the company of Mathayus sneaked off from the Underworld, possessing the Sword of Damocles. On her return, alongside Fung, they put off a colossal fire in the Arena, that was devised for the Ultimate Sacrifice by Sargon to please Lady Astarte. After Mathayus ended Sargon's reign, retaining the Kingdom of Akkad, she expressed her thoughts that Mathayus should've been proclaimed as the nascent ruler of Akkad. Mathayus however, wasn't keen to lead a kingdom, instead a lifetime of adventures, battles and life staking confrontations. Despite being the love interest of Mathayus, she probably wasn't married to him in her lifetime. Not much is known about her aftermath except for she might have continued her struggle as an Akkadian warrior or moved on to an Akkadian domestic life.

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