Li Zhou was either the minister, priest, or Munk of Emperor Er Shi Huangdi (novel) and Han (film) He is probably a loyal servant. He wears a black cloak, black helmet. The priest is seen also as a spy. The Emperor notice that I Yaun had not been in the palace. After Ming Guo and Zi Yuan, making out, Li Zhou spy's on them, although the general found him, grabbed his sword and attempted to kill it but it was too late. Eventually, he told the Emperor. In a deleted scene, he orders soldiers to cuff him. The last time the minister is seen h face is in horror once he sees his Emperor in a muddy form the Emperor was coming toward his way which caught on fire scaring the priest and never again. It is possible that Li Zhou became the next Emperor of China during Han's dynasty or probably he got stuck with the curse and became a terra cotta statue as well but didn't get resurrected to fight probably because he didn't find a cure.

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