Where the hell did they come from?
I ain't waitin' around to find out!

Henderson and Daniels escaping a locust swarm, The Mummy

Locusts are flying insects that are known for their swarms that decimate crops and plant life.

Locusts had once been summoned up by Moses as commanded by God to punish Egypt for enslaving the Hebrews as part of ten plagues. Herbivorous insects, locusts devoured crops and decimated food supply for the Egyptians. When the cursed mummy Imhotep was brought back to life by a mistaken reading from the Book of the Dead, a great swarm of locusts appeared, swarming down on Hamunaptra, wherein several explorers and treasure-seekers at the ruin site had gone to find treasures. The locust swarms caused several of the explorers and their diggers to run into the catacombs below, and the insects then buzzed and flew about the campsite above, over tents and humans alike, notably on Dr. Chamberlain, who stood in the camp site, stock still, wondering what they had done.

In the catacombs, Evelyn Carnahan dismissed the locusts as not a plague but a routine breeding explosion: once every several years, the grasshoppers of Egypt overpopulate and swarm elsewhere to find food.

Behind the Scenes

While most of the locusts were computer generated, the locusts used in live-action shots were live grasshoppers that had been placed in refrigerators so as to slow them down, and placed on the actors themselves.


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