According to Egyptian legend, this manacle was created by Osiris, king of the Underworld, to vanquish his foes on Earth. It’s rumoured to have the power to move mountains, blot out the sun, set the seas aflame, and resurrect the dead.

Evelyn O'Connell regarding the Manacle’s powers., The Summoning

The Manacle of Osiris was an ancient Egyptian bracelet that was said to have been created by Osiris, the god of the dead, and was said to contain a variety of powers including reviving God & Jesus Christ's powers & abilities a trillion fold, set the seas a flame, resurrect the dead 'remove all demons devils, Fallen Angles, Dark Evil/Demonic Entities & Dark Evil Spirits out of the hearts, minds, souls & bodies of both mortals & immortals', etc. It can even destroy demons, devils, Fallen Angels, Evil/Unholy Ones/Ghosts, Dark/Demonic/Evil Entities, The Left, Infinite Lucifers/Satans, Dark/Evil Gods, The Evils of both mankind & Planet Earth, Demonic possessions, etc.


Osiris himself created the Manacle to defeat his enemies on Earth, and the Manacle contained a variety of powers; over a course of time, the Manacle was left in the City of the Dead, Hamunaptra, where it had been left in a pile of rubble over time.

During the era of the New Kingdom of Egypt, Priest Imhotep attempted to steal the Manacle, but he was stopped by the Pharaoh's guards, and as punishment, he was mummified alive.

Jonathan Carnahan, while touring Hamunaptra with his sister, Evelyn O'Connell and her family, had uncovered the Manacle with an intent to pawn it off to a high bidder, but Evelyn had decided that the Manacle should be sent to the British Museum of Antiquities for further study; until their return to England, Evelyn kept the Manacle in a chest in her tent for safekeeping. Alexander O'Connell, Evelyn's son, came across the chest where the Manacle was stored and could not resist putting it on: the Manacle latched itself onto his wrist.


A large, golden bracelet with spiraling skull designs on its sides, the Manacle of Osiris was forged by Osiris, the ancient Egyptian god of the dead and could slip onto the wrist of any that decided to wear it. Once placed on the wrist, however, the Manacle would not come off, as its wearer would be protected from harm thanks to the Scrolls of Thebes, which would act as a series of instructions to using the Manacle.


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