Meela Nais
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600px-EgyptianFlag.svg Egyptian

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Sacrificed herself in 1933 A.D, Karnak


Second-In-Command Cultist
Matriarch Crime Lord


Anck-Su-Namun (former self)

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Machine gun
Dagger (as Anck-Su-Namun)


Cult of Imhotep

Behind the scenes
First appearance

The Mummy Returns

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The Mummy Returns


Sacrificed herself in a ritual to resurrect Anck-Su-Namun's soul from the Underworld


Patricia Velasquez

I am Anck-Su-Namun reincarnated.

–Meela Nais describing herself to Imhotep, The Mummy Returns

Meela Nais was the reincarnation of Anck-Su-Namun, a concubine of the Pharaoh Seti I, that joined a cult whose intent it was to see that the High Priest of Osiris Imhotep be resurrected and conquer the Earth.

Personality and Traits

Meela Nais was a duplicitous woman, as was her past self, Anck-Su-Namun, and Meela turned to trickery when dealing with those that were, in her views, dispensable. Meela would only turn to violence when in the most pressing situations, knowing well how to handle a gun in a fight. In her incarnation as Meela Nais, she was born a millionaire that had a penchant for obtaining power, and had a fondness for snakes, particularly Egyptian Asps.

Meela took on the same bodily appearance that she had back in 1290 B.C without her body paint, her hair trimmed exactly the same as it had been, with shortly-trimmed bangs. When in a setting such as the digs at Hamunaptra, Meela wore tight-fitting khaki trousers and a cream-coloured shirt with a belt and boots, while in London, Meela's clothing took on a much more formal approach: a tight, glittery, black evening dress with high heeled shoes, a golden necklace that bore the same insignia worn by the cultists and an exact replica of the necklace that she had worn as Anck-Su-Namun, long black gloves, along with a black feather boa and veiled fascinator. In her travels through the desert with the other cultists, Meela wore a matching purple coat, blouse, trousers, and shoes in the true native style, this outfit matching the body paint patterns that she had worn centuries back.

Behind the Scenes

Meela Nais was portrayed by actress and model Patricia Velasquez.

In the novelisation of the film, Meela's surname was Pasha, translating into "viceroy" in Turkish.


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