Menthu served as the main antagonist of The Scorpion King: Sword of Osiris alongside his lover and wizard, Isis.



  • "Ha ha ha! Your husband is fine. I'm afraid it is you who is in danger! Will you come along quietly?"
  • "Ha! Resist if you like! You'll only bring me greater pleasure!"
  • "That is it! The Scorpion Stone! Its power belongs to me now!"
  • "What is this? That glove has managed to reveal the full power of Osiris' sword! No matter! I will rule the world with the Scorpion Stone in one hand and the Sword of Osiris in the other!"
  • "I have underestimated you, Akkadian. You have put an end to my mortal body, but my plan will not fail! Isis! Use the Scorpion Stone to regenerate my flesh!"
  • "Wait! No! YOU MUST NOT!!


  • Menthu was made to bring foreshadowing to Mathayus' fate.
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