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This is an exquisite example of Moorish pottery, young man.
And…what was it used for?
Well, salads, mostly.

Rick and Evelyn O'Connell regarding the Moorish bowl., The Summoning

The Moorish bowl was an ancient piece of Moorish pottery that was found by Evelyn O'Connell.


Found in an old twelfth-century Scottish castle, the bowl was found by Evelyn O'Connell amidst old broken debris. Upon hearing her son Alex deride it as nothing more than an old salad bowl, Evelyn stated that it was a priceless piece of Moorish pottery used, ironically, mostly for salads. While in the castle, however, Alex accidentally knocked over one of the ruins' pillars, causing the other pillars to topple over, one by one. As Evelyn and her family escaped the ruins, however, she tripped over a stone and almost dropped the bowl, but Rick O'Connell, her husband, caught it before it could fall and break. The family escaped the crumbling ruins in the nick of time and delivered the bowl to the British Museum of Antiquities, where its Curator praised Evelyn for her work, putting the bowl on display.


We missed a day at the beach for an old salad bowl?

Alex O'Connell to his mother regarding her discovery, The Summoning

An old, cracked piece of pottery, the bowl dated back at least to the twelfth century and was an example of Moorish craftsmanship. The bowl was painted in a dark grey with darker zigzag lines along its brim and a black trimming on its base.