Nafi was an ancient Egyptian priest that served in the Temple of Osiris.


During his time, Nafi was shown by a guard of the Temple of Osiris that four of the temple guards had been killed by some dark, unknown means: the men were all untouched and bore no wounds save for the expressions of terror on their faces. Nafi deduced that only a sorcerer might have entered the temple without either the priest himself or the guards knowing about it, and the guard observed that the sorcerer was likely after the ţchet, an amulet with powers so potent that mortals were prohibited from touching it. With that, Nafi walked into the temple, splashing his face and hands with holy water from the Lake along with the guards: as the men crossed the footbridge of the pond and continued further into the temple, they saw that another guard protecting an area known as the Holy of Holies had been suffocating, and that his post, the ebony doors leading into the Holy of Holies had been opened: the sorcerer had entered.

Rushing up the temple stairs, Nafi reached the sacred chamber of Osiris to find that a bald sorcerer wearing a robe of vulture feathers stood at the statue base, kneeling before the image. Above the sorcerer flew several bat-like creatures made of purple flames, and the sorcerer stood, revealing a being with a vulture skull in place of a face that had taken the ţchet from the neck of the Osiris statue. Nafi demanded that, in the name of Osiris, the sorcerer drop the amulet: the amulet burning his hand. With that, Nafi demanded to the guards that they kill the sorcerer: the Nubian guard that had helped Nafi stabbed the sorcerer with his spear, only to be burned by flames issued from the fire-bats’ mouths. In his dying throes the sorcerer cursed the amulet to carry his soul until such a time that it would return to exact vengeance on the world. The sorcerer died, and his bats disappeared, though the amulet was then cursed with a purple spark, leading Nafi to see that the sorcerer had become a djinn, an evil spirit that could only be freed once he had completed the three tasks given him by the one that had found his hiding place. The amulet could not be touched, let alone destroyed as suggested by the guards to quell the evil spirit within, for its destruction might cause the destruction of the world.


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