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The Nile river is a vast river in Africa.

The Nile flows through Egypt from the Mediterranean Sea and into Sudan, where it divides into two branches, the White Nile and the Blue Nile. The Nile flows alongside many ruins and sites of ancient structures, notably those of ancient Egypt such as Thebes and Karnak. The Nile is widely considered to be the longest river in the world and is known to be the only river that flows north. Egypt, since ancient times, has depended heavily on the river, with many cities build alongside the Nile such as Alexandria and Giza.

Behind the Scenes

The actual Nile river, flowing through Egypt as it does, could not be used for filming in The Mummy, as Egypt was undergoing severe political strife and so the scenes in Giza port were filmed in London, while the shots of the Nile at night were filmed in a wildlife sanctuary. For the shots of the river in the canyons featured in The Mummy Returns, shots were altered digitally, adding canyon walls so as to hide spectators watching the filming.


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