Noah was a native Akkadian and one of the brother's of Mathayus, the Scorpion King. He was against the unjust rule of Sargon and his conspiracies. Unfortunately, he was killed by Sargon at an early age and couldn't accompany his brother in his quests.

Early Life and Death

Noah was probably born in Nippur, Akkad. Noah was the son of Ashur, a die hard Akkadian warrior, who in spite of serving the Black Scorpions, forbid his sons to serve the nation's combat force. After the Ashur's death and Mathayus's departure from Nippur, it is probable that Noah didn't attempt the Ancient Games and honored his father's faith. Upon, Mathayus return to Nippur, he was to accompany him in his quest to end Sargon's rule but became a prey to Sargon prior to his leave. Soon after Mathayus's return, Sargon conspired against him and commanded him to slay his brother, Noah, on the charge of slandering Sargon's honor. Mathayus, however, resisted and broke his oath to the Scorpions, he fled from the city but wasn't able to save Noah, who was brutally struck by Sargon's arrow, triggered by dark magic. He died in the desert in the vicinity of Nippur.

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