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Olaf is a fierce Teuton warrior. He has passions for food, drink, women and likes to describe himself as smelling "delicious."


He migrated south into Mesopotamia in search of riches in the desert wars. He left his wife Olga and their 17 daughters at home but planned to return to them as a rich man.

Olaf was hired by King Horus to help him safeguard his kingdom from the machinations of his brother, Talus. Olaf was teamed with Mathayus and was as strong a warrior as the great Scorpion King. Olaf and Mathayus were equally proficient and arrived at a stalemate when they fought.

During Talus' attacks on King Ramusan's kingdom, Olaf and Mathayus served Ramusan. When Talus captured the powerful Book of the Dead, Olaf fought the undead warrior Argomael to try to retrieve it. Olaf was unsuccessful but Argomael proclaimed him a worthy adversary. Olaf survived the battle and went on to serve with Mathayus after the Scorpion King succeeded Ramusan as king.

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