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I call upon the beast within.

–Imhotep summoning a monster within the monkey., The Maze

This monkey was a simple Parisian organ grinder's pet in 1934 A.D who had been used for evil by the cursed mummy Imhotep.


One night in Paris, France, an organ grinder stood below the Eiffel Tower with his pet monkey, grinding tunes for the monkey to dance to, accepting coins from passersby until the cursed mummy Imhotep turned up and summoned the ‘’beast within’’ the monkey: Imhotep had summoned the monstrous aspects of the monkey, turning the animal into a slave to his bidding. The monkey found the O’Connell family atop the Eiffel Tower and appeared at first to be a simple, harmless monkey but with Imhotep’s powers mutated into a monstrous beast that attacks the O'Connells. Rick O'Connell attempted to use his bullwhip to stun the beast but the monkey pulled it away and attacked Rick head on, stopped only by Rick’s brother-in-law Jonathan Carnahan, who beat the animal away with a baguette. The elevator door opened once more to reveal Colin Weasler and Imhotep himself, who attempted to take the Puzzle of Horus, the artifact that the O’Connell family was using to locate the Scrolls of Thebes. The monkey continued its attacks as Imhotep combated Rick and his family and was knocked away when Evelyn O'Connell batted it away with a telescope. Alex O'Connell, wearing the Manacle of Osiris, summoned the Manacle’s powers to break off nearby telescopes and fling them off at Imhotep, who batted or ducked them. The monkey then leapt onto Jonathan’s back, continuing to attack him until the Manacle’s powers began to twist the guardrails of the Eiffel Tower around Imhotep, Weasler and the monkey of its own free will.

After the O'Connells made good their escape, Imhotep broke out of the guardrails and with him he brought Weasler out. The monkey remained trapped in its monstrous state until Imhotep’s hold on the monkey ceased and the monkey, frightened by its ordeal, scampered off.


A simple monkey, the monkey was the pet of a Parisian organ grinder and was naturally meek and easily frightened.


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