A depiction of the real Osiris in ancient Egyptian art, in the tomb of Nefertari.

Osiris is the Egyptian god of the afterlife and the judge of the dead in the underworld, and the father of Horus. He was killed by his brother, Set from the Sword of Osiris. He created the Manacle of Osiris & the Spear of Osiris.

Appearance in the film series

Osiris appears, sitting on his throne and facing the west, on the map to Hamunaputra, to the northwest of the kneeling winged goddess Maat. His location is also shown to be a meeting-place for several roads.

Appearance in the animated series

Osiris is shown in the animated series as a giant man with slightly different clothes, resembling the attire of a Pharaoh (instead of being wrapped in white clothes), and he has tan skin (instead of the green skin that he was usually portrayed with).

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