Palace of Nippur is the house of Akkadian royalties. The Palace has been thoroughly featured during Sargon's reign. The Palace features the royal court, harem, numerous rooms and luxuries for the Akkadian Kings. Sargon's statue was constructed on his commands, after dethroning (assaulting) King Hammurabi by conspiracies. The Palace is heavily guarded by exceptionally loyal and seasoned, Black Scorpions. Sermons are given just outside the Palace, Black Scorpions are also welcomed on the gates of the Palace.

Known Incidents

Several renown incidents have took place in the palace. Sargon, during his reign ,ordered Mathayus to execute his brother, Noah on the charges of slandering the king. Mathayus broke his allegiance to the king, cut the chains of Noah and targeted a spear towards Sargon, who shielded himself by dark magic. Mathayus and Noah fled Nippur, but Sargon's hexed arrow struck Noah, killing him in the vicinity of Nippur.

Astarte, once visited the palace to give Sargon, the task of reclaiming, the Sword of Damocles. Mathayus confronted Sargon, on to defeat him. Astarte, then visited Mathayus, proclaiming that she will have him in the Underworld.

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